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Lena Maude

Simple Beauty Original Art on Wood - SOLD

Simple Beauty Original Art on Wood - SOLD

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Simple Beauty. Featuring zinnias and echinacea. At peace with what is as the day flows to night flows to day. Dimensions are roughly 18 x 9.25 inches at the longest and widest points.

This original watercolor painting with white pencil touches is on live edge wood treated with gesso and sealed to improve it's longevity and keep it from smearing.

This wood was milled in the Keweenaw. Pieces on wood require a bit more attention to conditions/humidity. It is a good idea to monitor the piece as it ages to see any changes. This piece has been in a moderate northern climate in humidity ranging from 45-60%. I leave pieces of wood to dry for a long time and repair any cracks that exist before painting.

Upon request, I can drill and sand a slot to hang the piece on the wall by nail.
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